AKC sable American Cocker Spaniel

Ally is one of the many girls we have that come from a breeder in north AL. When we get ready for more Diane always has beauties with Champion lines. And the girls are so sweet. She is 24 lbs and 14 inches at the shoulder.


CKC apricot miniature poodle

A sister to the boy Dak, she is as sweet as she can be and makes awesome puppies. She is very laid back and loves to relax with her people. She is 11 lbs. and 12 inches at the shoulder.


CKC Red miniature poodle- 12 lbs.

Cheyenne is a hoot! She used to climb the fence and escape. One day, as she was climbing and about to escape, I sprayed her with the water hose. Now, she just climbs up and perches there to watch passersby. We have people driving by that slow down to take her photo. She is fun loving but wants to boss the other girls and boys if given the chance. She is 20 lbs. and 14 inches at the shoulder


AKC red/white Cocker Spaniel

Darla is a precious little girl. Very active and quite the escape artist. She is a litter mate sister to Pepper and makes amazing babies. She is 12 lbs. and 12 inches at the shoulder


CKC black/white tuxedo miniatue poodle

Photo to come soon


AKC buff cocker spaniel

Goldie is a longtime favorite here. She is good natured, easy going and sweeter than peaches. She is from the same breeder in north AL where we acquired Rhett and many other of our best cockers.


CKC buff cocker spaniel

Jenna is a beauty that was bred and raised here. Most of the photos of her photos are of her back side b/c she is always on the move. She is gorgeous and makes beautiful puppies. She is 24 lbs. and 13 inches at the shoulder.


Kity is a bred, born and raised here sable cocker spaniel. She is the daughter of Claire and Tobie. Claire has been retired but Tobie is still one of main cocker producers. His offspring are just amazing. She is a small cocker at 15 lbs. and 13 inches at the shoulder


CKC apricot miniature poodle

photo coming soon