AKC red sable American Cocker Spaniel

Tobie is a tried and true boy who makes awesome cockapoos and cocker spaniels. He weighs about 19 lbs. He loves ear rubs and is as easy going as they come.


An AKC chocolate Merle tweed American Cocker Spaniel

Rocky is our newest addition to our program. He is as sweet as he is unique. We are excited to see what he produces in our cocker spaniels and our cockapoos. Weighing in at only 15 lbs., we think he will be phenomenal at both.


CKC Red miniature poodle- 12 lbs.

Pepper is a poodle boy from lines that we have had many years. He is a bit of an escape artist but only because he wants to be with his people or his girls.


AKC red/white Cocker Spaniel

Rhett is from a breeder in north Alabama that we have purchased from for many years. He has Championship lines and is an awesome producer. He is also just as sweet as peaches.


CKC black/white tuxedo miniatue poodle

Prescott is another poodle that we have bred from our older lines and have kept going because he and his ancestors have made such wonderful puppies. He is litter mate sister to Izzy & Swayze. All three came from lines that I was so pleased with, that I bred for purebred mini poodles and kept these three. He is a fun-loving fella.


AKC apricot miniature poodle

Presley was purchased from a breeder in SC that decide to give up the business. We couldn't wait to get our hands on him and made a pretty long road trip just to add him to our kennel.


CKC red miniature poodle

Jax is an extremely happy, bouncy red miniature poodle. He always makes me smile with his happy go lucky attitude! He stays in a state of almost constant motion which makes it difficult to get a good photo. He is related to quite a few of our poodle girls, so he is mainly bred to our cocker girls for awesome cockapoos. He is a precious boy that comes a running for loving attention and belly rubs.


AKC black/white Miniature Poodle

A sweet, good natured, black and white parti, AKC miniature poodle. Loves cuddles and snuggles. Also loves romp and run outdoors. We love his happy, good boy nature!


AKC ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

In an effort to downsize and reduce the maintenance requirements, we have added this beautiful ruby red Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to our breeding problem. Research says the Cavapoo offspring will share the many, if not most of the positive traits of the cockapoos. Preston is extremely social, sweet and loving. We received his DNA panel and decided to proceed with our plans to incorporate in him to our program.