• 2057 County Road 1154, Kosciusko, MS, USA
  • Sometimes cell phones do not pick up inside our home. For that reason, we still have a landline. 662.289.1100

Many, many, many of your questions are already answered on this website. Please check out the FAQ page, The Wait List page, the Available Puppies page and the Upcoming Litters page. If, after reading the information provided here, you still have questions, we are happy to assist you either by email or by phone. However, when it is apparent that someone has emailed from the website (yes, we can tell when you have emailed from this site) but have not taken the time to read any of the information provided, I often do not respond. I have taken a great deal of time compiling and providing the information, and not taking the time to read what is provided is often indicative of a lack of full commitment to the process. Emails and phone calls are preferred as, I hate messaging.. So, I often do not respond to first inquiries via text messages or other messaging apps..Thank you for your time and interest.