We are often asked to describe the dogs in a male vs. female situation.  Our reply is always the same.  To us, it depends on the dog.  Every dog is different. I have dogs of both genders in the house nearly all the time.  I have boys that do the marking/humping, but I also have girls that will do the same thing.  The best I can do is make some very general statements regarding both genders.  Again, all dogs are different & these are generalities.  I have some girls that are the complete reverse of this & some boys that do not fit the profile


  • stay puppy like longer (mature slower than girls)can be somewhat more difficult to train due to their immaturity - they just want to play, play, play!
  • are less likely to hump/mark if they are neutered in the 4-6 mos. age (we have not experienced this personally & I would recommend that you consult your vet in regard to the best time for neutering
  • are only territorial & aggressive when there is a female involved (this is a personal experience of mine - the boys seldom scrap unless there is a female in heat)
  • when males do squabble, it it usually over quickly & not very intense
  • males seem to be more forgiving & do not hold a grudge 
  • males seldom have difficulty getting along with females
  • many can be described as big goofballs or loverboys
  • can be in your face about affection from their people


  • mature more quickly & settle in sooner
  • are somewhat easier to train b/c of their maturity
  • will hump/mark as a sign of dominance (has nothing to do w/ breeding or sex)
  • can be very territorial, especially w/ other female dogs
  • are much quicker to be aggressive over perceived transgressions (real or imagined) of another dog
  • squabbles between two females can be very intense & prolonged
  • two females who have determined a dislike for each other will always dislike each other & encounters between the two will likely always be intense or aggressive
  • girls love everyone, but have a tendency to choose favorites"
  • females seldom have difficulty getting along with males
  • more prone to mood swings - can be really sweet or really sulky
  • tend to be affectionate on their own terms - when they've had enough, they walk away
  • more independent of their people 

I would like to reiterate that these gender traits are generalities.  There are always exceptions.  I would also  like to point out that I have experienced some of the traits in my dogs first hand.  Others, I have not experienced personally (for instance, I have never had a neutered male), but I have researched & talked with others & have passed my findings along.  I taught HS math for 25 years and to be honest, male and female canines parallel teenage humans.