We are located in Kosciusko, MS.  Center of the state of MS.  About 100 miles SE of Memphis, TN and about 70 miles NE of Jackson, MS.
 If puppies are available, they will be posted to the Available Puppies page.  If they are not posted there, either I do not have any or the ones I have are too young for me to feel comfortable taking deposits on just yet.
Upcoming puppies will be posted on the Upcoming Litters page when I have confirmed a mom is pregnant.  I do not post/predict until I am fairly certain a mom is pregnant.  If there are no updates on the Potential Litters page, then I do not know if I have puppies coming or not.  I will post when I have news.
You may place a deposit at anytime on any puppy that is posted on the Available Puppies.  If you wish to make a deposit on Upcoming Litters, please see the Waiting List page.
We do host a Waiting List. Families on the Wait List have paid a deposit to have a spot in selection of the puppies prior to the cockapoo puppies being advertised on the Available Puppies page of the website.  Cockapoo puppies are posted to the website as available after all who are on the Waiting List have made selection.  Click here for  more information on the terms of the Waiting List.
Cockapoo Puppy prices vary depending on size, color & gender and demand for that combination.  Please see our Purchasing Information Page that outlines the prices of our Cockapoo puppies as well as how to reserve a puppy. 
Yes, pups are warrantied and you may few the Health Warranty HERE.
I accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, postal money orders and certified bank checks for deposits or for full payment.  Personal checks are accepted for deposits only up until the puppy is 5 weeks old.  After that time, all payments should be in the forms listed previously.  See the Purchasing Information page for more info.
Cockapoos are generally "people pleasers".  If they figure out what you desire of them, they strive hard to win your approval & devotion.  They are easily trainable b/c of the high intelligence inherited from their poodle ancestors.  They are also easy going & loveable, as are their cocker spaniel ancestors.  The result is a dog that is the best of both breeds.   As evidenced on my Home page, they are very good with children and make wonderful family pets.  Because they are so people oriented, they should not be left alone for extended periods of  time.
By crossbreeding a 100% cocker spaniel to a 100% poodle, thereby producing first generation cockapoos, you effectively open up the gene pool and thus help deter some of the hereditary health issues prominent in the individual breeds.  (Please notice that I said "deter" not "eliminate".) The probability of heredity health issues are much higher in thoroughbreds than in cross breeds.  That is not to say that cross breeds will  never have any issues, but rather that hereditary health related issues are much statistically reduced.  Many refer to this as "hybrid vigor".    I have heard many times of people having cockapoos that are 15+ years.  It's not that uncommon in the cockapoo.  Please be aware, that by breeding cockapoos to cockapoos, and producing 2nd generation and beyond, you potentially loose some of the hybrid health vigor because you are once again breeding cocker spaniel genes to cocker spaniel genes and poodle genes to poodle genes.
No.  I know what all the books say, but in my experience these tests are unreliable and the tests seem more a form of bullying a small animal.    One test suggests that you startle the puppies to see how they respond..?  Seems a little mean to me.
No.  CERF'ing and OFA'ing are exams on the parent dogs that only tell you that the dog does not present with a problem at the time of examination.   These tests give you, the consumer, a false sense of security.  It does not tell the breeder or the consumer if the dog "carries a recessive genetic trait".  For instance, I am brown eyed, which is a dominant trait.  Yet, I have two green eyed children. Green eyes is a trait that is recessive to brown eyes.   The only way for me to produce green eyed offspring would be that I carry a recessive trait for green eyes even though I do not have green eyes.  The same can be true of a parent dog and a health issue.  The dog can carry for the issue even though it is not afflicted with the issue.  The only true testing for hereditary issues would be genetic testing.  I have researched the genetic testing and at present, there are no genetic test for the most common health issues in cocker or poodles.  The last time I inquired with several laboratories, I was told that the research was suspended due to a lack of funding.  So, at present the best I can do is try to acquire dogs that come from parents that are not afflicted w/ any issues, have my vet examine adult dogs for the presence of any issues at that time, retire dogs as soon as I find out they may have produced a puppy with an issue and retire dogs that develop issues themselves.  Any breeder that tells you they can guarantee puppies because their dogs are issue free since they have been health tested is misleading the consumer unless they are genetic testing (and as I have said, my investigations have revealed that genetic testing is not available for the most common health issues to cockers and poodles.)   Honestly, they may not know any better because many do not understand the  genetics and biology involved.
A NONREFUNDABLE deposit of  $300 must be paid to get on the Waitlist to select the Cockapoo puppy of your choice.  A $300 nonrefundable deposit is required to secure a puppy that has been through the Waitlist and is now available on the Available puppies page. The puppy will remain available on my website until you tell me that the check or money order is in the mail or until I receive the deposit via Paypal or Venmo (see Purchasing Information page).  Once I am told the check is in the mail, I will allow 5 business days to receive.  If not received in that time frame, the puppy will become available again.  (Unfortunately, people who say they will do something and then not do it makes this policy necessary.  I cannot tell you how many times I have taken a puppy off of the website only to have to repost it because folks made commitments they did not keep.) The deposit is applied toward the purchase price of your puppy.  The only reason for a possible refund is that I or my vet determines that the health of the pup you chose is questionable in someway.  Under those very rare circumstances, you are eligible to apply the deposit toward another pup or a full refund.  Puppies that are noted "Placed" indicate that a deposit has been received for that puppy.  Puppies noted "Pending" indicate that I anticipate receiving a deposit via mail shortly.  
No.  It is my experience that unethical people will tell you what they believe you want to hear and I have little ability or time to verify the information that is put on such a document.  In lieu, I ask you to sign a bill of sale/warranty.  It defines the terms of my warranty and it also stipulates owner requirements.  It is my prayer that if you purchase a puppy and sign this document, you are going to abide by the terms of the owner requirements.   However, I do reserve the right to terminate a sale and refund the deposit at anytime should I determine that a placement is not in the best interest of my puppy.  
We live in a very rural area of Mississippi and the nearest international airport is Jackson.   This requires a connection to nearly anywhere that we ship.  Due to increased regulations by the airlines that require longer wait times between connecting flights and increased USDA regulations placed on businesses that ship live animals, we will no longer be shipping.  We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.  If Some of the airlines relaxes the wait time requirements between flights and the USDA lessens its regulations, we may revisit this issue at a later date.  However, right now, we have determined that these regulations would be difficult for an adult person, much less an 8 week old puppy.  While I love living where we live, there are down sides and this in one of them.    
Our Cockapoo puppies are available for new homes when they are 7-9 weeks old (depending on size  and how they progress), have received 2 vaccinations and have received veterinary clearance.   Please do not ask to take possession of your puppy sooner.  Pups are not fully immunized even with two vaccinations. Puppies will be examined and vaccinated by my veterinarian approximately two days prior to availability date.    I will not allow them to leave or warranty a puppy prior to receiving veterinary clearance and two vaccinations.
Pups generally mature in the 14 - 20 lb. range.  However, I have had the occasional pup that is under 10 lbs. and occasionally well over 20 lbs.  Size generally depends on the combination of parents.  I cannot & will not attempt  to guarantee a particular size.
Yes, like poodles, the cockapoo is considered to be non shedding & as a general rule, hypo allergenic.  However, pups, like children, can take on the characteristics of one parent more than another.  Occasionally a pup will have a more cocker like appearance with a straighter more cocker like coat.  If so, the chances of some light shedding are more likely.
1st generation cockapoos or F1 cockapoo are the offspring of a cocker spaniel parent & a poodle parent.  2nd generation cockapoos  (F2 cockapoos) and further are the result of cockapoo to cockapoo pairings.  A true cockapoo is 50% cocker spaniel and 50% poodle.  Some breeders breed a cockapoo back to a poodle & call it an F1b cockapoo. The b stands for "back crossed" as I understand it.  The offsrping in that pairing will always be 75% poodle and 25% cocker.  This is generally done to intensify the traits of the poodle in the hybrid offspring.  Not a true cockapoo by the definition stated above.  We only raise 1st generation cockapoos (F1 cockapoos) at Attala County Cockapoos.
Again, we are going to refer to genetics.  If you breed 1st generation cockapoos using one poodle parent and one cocker parent, you are effectively opening the gene pool and seriously reducing the opportunity for hereditary health issues.  With 2nd generation cockapoos, where both parents are cockapoos, you are once again breeding cocker spaniel genes back to cocker spaniel genes and poodle genes back to poodle genes, thereby increasing the opportunity for the hereditary health issues prevalent to those breeds.  You potentially loose the hybrid health vigor you sought to gain by getting a crossbreed or hybrid dog in the first place.  Also,  for the same genetic reasons, some 2nd generations, 3rd generation and beyond cockapoos may look more like cockers and some more like poodles.   I personally believe that you get a more consistent, classic "cockapoo look" that is the best blend of desirable physical traits  from a 100% cocker spaniel to a 100% poodle breeding (1st generation cockapoo).  (That is a personal opinion & other breeders often disagree.  However, the biology is the biology and is not subject to opinion.)  
Yes, dews are removed & tails are docked.  Dews are removed to eliminate the danger of the extra toenail becoming hung & tearing.  Tails are docked for aesthetic and sanitary reasons.  Tails are docked so that the pup will have a 3 - 4 inch tail at maturity.  We do not nub the tails off even  with the butt.  I believe dogs should have something back there to wag!!  That tail will tell you so much about how a dog is feeling!
Cockapoo puppies should be picked up by the weekend following their availability date as stated on the Purchasing Information Page, Reserving a Cockapoo Puppy.
I try to assist when I can.  Please keep in mind that there are as many families wanting their puppies as there are puppies in the litter.  Often, that is six, seven or even eight puppies.  I cannot arrange meet times with eight different families on eight different days and/or places.  Please do not assume that I can/will meet.  If I have two or more puppies headed in the same direction, I will try to arrange a meet with all new owners at some place convenient if I can arrange a time that accommodates all.  It will require coordination with several families and often I do not know if I can make it work until all puppies are placed and that is usually only a few days prior to the availability date.   Holidays are particularly difficult times to plan for.  If you are interested in a possible meet, you can tell me early on and I will try to make it happen, but no commitment will be made until puppies are placed and are nearly ready to go to new homes.  If there are several families in one direction, I try particularly hard to coordinate and meet all those interested.  However, that will require a certain level of flexibility with all the families concerned in order to coordinate.  If I can coordinate with several families, then delivery to Jackson, Meridian, Columbus or Southaven, MS would be no charge.  If a special trip is required for your family, there will be a $15 per hour and a $.60 per mile charge.  A trip to Jackson, MS or Meridian, MS or Columbus, MS would be $135 additional.  A trip to Southaven, MS would be $270.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.   Please note that if a family wishes to pick up at our facility, I must accommodate those as well.
Again, I will try to assist when I can.  Please do not assume that I can/will meet.  This is particularly difficult because flight plans must be made in advance to get the best deals.  Keep in mind that puppies are not cleared by my vet until a couple of days prior to release date.  The nearest major airports are Jackson, MS (1.5 hrs away) and Memphis, TN (3 hrs. away).  I cannot promise that I can meet you weeks in advance of puppies being ready to go.  We will need to discuss this prior to your committing to a puppy.
I update photos about every two weeks, More often if time allows.  I am hard to please when taking & posting photos. I take a good bit of time taking photos & then there is a good deal of time required to load & edit the photos for a litter of pups.  Please be patient.  I know you are anxious to keep up with your pup's progress, and will update as often as I can.
 There are some inherent differences in the males & females.  Please see our Male vs. Female page.