Swayze-Rocky Pups

Swayze-Rocky Pups

Updated 10/19/21

We have a new litter available for selection. These puppies are available for selection to those on the paid deposit wait list.  If, after completing the list there are puppies still available, those puppies will be posted to the Available Puppies page for others. 

Swayze -black/white tan tuxedo mini Poodle
Sister to Izzy, & Prescott
Rocky - AKC brown tweed merle cocker spaniel

DOB 09/30/21
Potential Go Home Dates 11/20/21& 11/21/21

If you are not available for pick up on these dates, please contact me 
before choosing one of these pups. Due to family plans we cannot hold past these dates.

Boys # 1 -3 left to right followed by
Girls #4 & 5 to far right
For size and color comparison

Photos updated 10/20/21

Sawyer - black/white parti Swayze Boy #1
Reserved for Bailey

Scamp - blue merle & tan Swayze Boy # 2
Reserved for Gray

Scout - blue merle & tan Swayze Boy #3
  Reserved for Romans

Sasha - black Swayze Girl #4
Reserved for Greer

Sofie - Black/white parti Swayze Girl #5
Reserved for Maxie 

Wait List

  1. Delaney (female) Pass
  2. Delaney (female)  Pass
  3. Batson (brown/tan merle male) Pass
  4. Morgan Pass
  5. Lichtenstein Pass
  6. Carson (bl/wh female) Pass
  7. McKinnon Pass
  8. Henderson Pass
  9. Hegler Pass
  10. Gibson Pass
  11. Romans Swayze male # 3, Scout
  12. Riddle
  13. McCauley  Pass
  14. Gros  Pass